For almost eighty years on the independent or not independent market, it has an extensive experience in the field and a deep and abiding knowledge that, to meet the needs of its customers  private individuals keen on the world of car or repair shops it is necessary to have well clear what are the best potentialities, strategies and synergies to be applied to meet the needs of customers.

And it is from these considerations that we find our strengths that are:

  • the service, we have our means of transportation for delivery, in the territory covered by our offices as quickly as possible, of the products ordered by industry professionals;
  • the immediate availability of the product, the only home to Tivoli, to give just one example, operates more than 1,000 square metres;
  • the deep range of products, our warehouse has something like 25,000 references between original and / or matching quality to the original;
  • high level of professional experience reached in many years spent in direct contact with the public and with the professional of car;
  • supplying the missing product, being neither infallible nor perfect it may happen that we miss something, and so we are equipped to find the material of which we are currently lacking, in most cases, within a few hours of ordering.