Breaking material

The braking system is the most important safety device in each vehicle, each component contributes to ensure the safety of those on the roads.

It is very easy to make a car accelerate, but much more difficult to slow it down  

Pacifici Group, undertakes to remember the importance of regular testing of the braking system, essential for one’s own and others' safety on the road.

Structure and function
The brakes consist of two parts 2 parts, a fixed portion, the clamp, interdependent structure of the vehicle and a moving part, the disc.

The operation of the brake is this: The disk is pressed by the two pads that, under the action of a command, usually hydraulic, thus preventing  the rotation of the wheel. The brake pads are made of a material softer  than discs and they consumed gradually.

It is important to check periodically the good health of the brake pads.

Pacifici Group offers its customers a wide range of materials for any type of vehicle braking.