Shock absorber

The shock absorber  keeps the tyre on the road and regulates the movement of the spring.

Shock absorbers reduce the amplitude of movement of the chassis to the wheels of the car taking into account the unevenness of the road or after a strong effort as a big braking.
The stiffer the shock absorber is, the more quickly the wheels return to their seats (but the car is less comfortable). On the first vehicles, the shock was made ​​of a friction sandwich Ferodo compressed between 2 rods one connected to the chassis and the other to the hub.

Subsequently, it became a hydraulic piston pierced by small holes at the end of a stem that slides into a cylinder filled with oil.

The more or less difficult oil flow into the small holes slows the movement  causing the effect of depreciation.

The quality of this element currently ensures a lifespan from 80,000 to 150,000 km.

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